De la série Kazan (Volcan)  (c) Mayumi Hosokura

KHJ’s fans on tumblr : you’re fucking disgusting. If your Oppa lived in another society, he’d be in jail already.

You’re disgusting for ignoring the hell his ex girlfriend went through, and her family and friends’ concerns. All of that to protect Oppa.

He admitted it to it. He would have denied it ALL if he had a chance to walk free out of court. He may have admitted it vaguely but he still did.

There is NO shady thing behind this. He’s a damn woman beater and I’m so glad he got caught.

the fuck are you on tumblr?

(。-ω-) 2014.09.01 tokyo
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Ikumi & Sen Mitsuji for Nylon Nov 12

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Hip Hop Bae, always on point. 뉴챔프(#NewChamp)_’return’(무료 공개곡)

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